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Air and sea shipping

Commercial cargo from the United States, Central America and China to Latin America and the Caribbean by air in 48 business hours and by sea in 15 business days. International parcels and purchases, at the address chosen by the client safely, at a reasonable price and on time.


This cargo service is provided from airport to airport, as well as from port to port. We move your cargo from the supplier, by air or sea to the nearest port of the address chosen by you. We have the best prices on the market and more than 20 years of experience in the area.

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Cargo consolidation

Logistics in national and international cargo transportation

Repackaging, Inventories

Subscription to American catalogs for promotions

Shipping and handling of containers

Customs Legal Advice

Air and sea freight

Consolidation and repackaging

Pick Up

Offers and Attraction of suppliers in different regions

Land/domestic transportation within
the US and China (Inland Freights)

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Customers feedback

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 Always informed > Tracking, Monitoring

Once your cargo or package is received at our address, you are informed of each movement through our system.

       Supplier Offers

With MLX Solutions you will have at your disposal countless suppliers and stores where we can assist your purchases in a physical warehouse or through the Internet, with prices from distributors and resellers.

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